Leyte National High School
Centennial Grand Alumni Homecoming
Alumni Registration
"alumnae/alumni" is defined as "a graduate or former student of a school, college, or
One need not be a graduate of that school to be considered an alumni/alumnae.
Register and be counted!

It was recently noted that the Leyte National High School has not been able to manage and
maintain its records of all of its alumni for the past several years. Hence, the Executive
Committee/Steering Committee of the LNHS Centennial Grand Alumni Homecoming has
decided to undertake an
Alumni Data Base Build-up Project listing down in digital computer
format all alumni of the Leyte High/Leyte National High/Leyte R & D High School.

Proceeds raised through this Alumni Data Base Build-up campaign will finance expenses of
the Executive Committee
/Steering Committee, the Data Base Team as well as other LNHS
Centennial Grand Alumni Homecoming activities as determined and authorized by the
Executive Committee
/Steering Committee.

The actual data base shall be formally turned over to the General Alumni Association before
the end of Year 2005.

How much is the Registration Fee?

Registration fee is PhP200.00 for alumni currently residing in the Philippines and US$5.00 for
those based overseas. Registration may either be made by filling up pre-numbered
registration forms available at duly authorized, designated centers (e.g. LNHS Principal's
Office, calle Zaragosa, members of the ExeCom) or via the internet by accomplishing the
registration form found below.

What does one get by registering?

In a meeting of the LNHS Centennial Executive-Steering Committee held September 01, 2005
at calle Z cafe, it was decided that the Registration Fee of P200 will now entitle the registrant to
the following:

1.) His/her current personal data will be encoded in the general alumni data base;
2.) A line advertisement containing his/her name to be included and published in the LNHS
Centennial Souvenir Program;
3.) A complimentary copy of the Centennial Souvenir Program; and  
4.) The chance to participate and win in the raffle of various door prizes to be held during the
Grand Alumni Homecoming.

Deadline for submission & payment of ad line/registration is December 27, 2005.

Souvenir Program will be distributed 1st week of February, 2006.
Partial List of
Registered Alumni

It has come to our attention that
certain unscrupulous parties
are soliciting registration fees
from alumni members using
photocopied registration forms.
Please be forewarned that
registration forms are
pre-numbered and have
unique, individual numbers.
Duplications through the use of
photocopied forms will be
dishonored and registrants
using such unauthorized forms
will not be allowed to
participate in the raffle of door
prizes and would forfeit having
their alumni data included in
the general alumni database.
Alumni Registration Form
* Required Field
First Name:*
Middle/Maiden Name:*
Last Name:*
Year Graduated or Last Calendar Year Attended at LNHS:*
Year & Section (e.g. IV-2, III-Emerald):
Home Address:*
Zip Code:
Telephone Numbers:
email Address:
Highest Educational Attainment:*
Year & Course:
Field/s of Expertise:
Office/Company Name:
Referred to website registration by:
Amount Paid:
PNB Branch/Address/
Deposit date:
1. Registration fee is PhP200.00 for alumni currently residing in the Philippines and US$5.00
for those based overseas.

2. Please make your registration fee payment via bank deposit to the following Philippine
National Bank (PNB) account:

Account's Name: Teresita J. Rojas/Norma S. Mallari/Dr. Romualdo Cabalona
     PNB Current Account No. 686810596-6
     Rizal Avenue Branch, Tacloban City
     Routing No. 026003007

3. Fill up form below and press "Submit."

4. Send proof of bank deposit either as an email attachment to
or fax to
Norma S. Mallari (+6353) 323-1008 or Atty. Teresita Rojas (+6353) 323-2506.

5. Once bank deposit has been verified, registrant will be notified via email with a confirmation
letter which will serve as receipt and claim stub for the Alumni ID.